Tom Keneally’s “Red Dot List” from the TKC

2016 Limelight Reviews
General Fiction

Sometimes we can overlook a good read while we are searching for an attention grabbing book. Discovering and reading a good book is like good karma, bringing happiness, fortune and positive relationships. For book-lovers who visit the SMSA Library, we also have the Tom Keneally Centre (TKC) library on Level 3, available for everyone to enjoy. All of the books come from Tom Keneally’s personal collection, and he has reviewed many of the books in the TKC library.

The TKC Volunteer team would especially like to recommend the “Red Dot List”.  This special section contains books that have been reviewed by Tom and have a handwritten note by Tom inside the front cover of the book, sharing his point of view with us. If you and your friends are interested in discovering the literary preferences of one of Australia’s National Living Treasures, we invite you to visit the TKC. (To honour his literary career, in 1998 Tom Keneally was named a National Living Treasure by the National Trust of Australia).

In my opinion, the books reviewed by Tom offer valuable insights for young writers and artists, allowing them to take a glance into his imaginative world, which created Shindler’s Ark, an iconic, world renowned piece of literature.

SMSA members can now borrow from the TKC collection, as well as the SMSA Library, and can also enjoy the many members’ benefits.

Search the SMSA Library and TKC Collection. 


Phil Jang
SMSA Casual Library Officer
& Tom Keneally Centre Volunteer