The Wrong Side of Goodbye By Michael Connelly

2018 Limelight Reviews
Mystery and Crime

The Wrong Side of Goodbye, by Micheal Connelly, is set in Los Angeles and Pasadena. Our hero Bosch is a semi retired cop who volunteers to keep active, looks into cold cases to alleviate boredom and keep his skills sharp. His reputation is still valuable and he is hired as an undercover agent in a matter of inheritance.

This novel is sensitively written about a cop with feelings. But absolutely Bosch is not a wimp. He can stare down and out bluff younger, greener tough men. Remarkably, for a detective mystery, this story has a relaxing wave like ambiance. No jolts, no thrills, just an almost predictable circular swing through the characters.

Connelly draws beautiful word pictures and sets the scenes in which his characters manoeuvre.

No special challenges, but if you are up for a predictable read, comforting in all the stereotypes of low key detective work, this book will suit your mood. No jolts or surprises- a neatly delivered tale.

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Sunny Seagull
Member of the SMSA Mystery & Crime Reading Group