The Windsor knot (Her Majesty The Queen Investigates #1) by S. J. Bennett

2022 Limelight Reviews
Mystery and Crime

I have to admit, I really quite enjoyed this! I don’t think this is for you if you’re not a fan of the monarchy, because aside from a fun whodunit, it’s a love letter to Queen Elizabeth II. Bennett obviously has a lot of respect and admiration for the Queen and it shines throughout this novel.

It would appear that Lilibet, as Prince Philip likes to call her, has a penchant for solving mysteries. She is immediately on the case (albeit surreptitiously) when the dead body of an overnight guest at Windsor Castle is discovered. Suggestions that it was death by autoerotique-asphyxiation are soon dismissed and MI5 are looking for Russian spies working undercover in the Castle, much to Philip’s displeasure! The Queen is ably assisted by her Assistant Private Secretary, Rozie Oshodil who proves to be invaluable in her investigate – and she is the epitome of discretion!

This book had me chuckling on many occasions. It’s worth reading just for the conversations between Philip and his Lilibet – very wry, but with deep affection.

As our world seems to descend into all sorts of horribleness, I found The Windsor Knot a gentle escape, with plenty of warm and fuzzies to keep the doom at bay.

I’m looking forward to reading the further adventures of Queen Elizabeth II and her resourceful Rozie – jolly good fun!

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Reviewed by Gaby Meares

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