The Switch By Elmore Leonard

2016 Limelight Reviews
General Fiction, Mystery and Crime

If you are planning a cruise, or have an appointment with a specialist where you have to wait for hours to get in, then The Switch By Elmore Leonard is the book for you. Set in Detroit Michigan, we are introduced to a long suffering wife of an obnoxious, wealthy tycoon, who bonds protectively with her young son. Lacking company and affection from her pugnacious powerful husband, she is often left alone while he travels for sport and business, fitting in a bit of female mischief whenever possible.

Meanwhile, two restless ex-cons who had become acquainted in prison and are now lacking funds for their escapades, hatch a plan involving pinching the unloved wife for a bit of “do re me”. The plot is fun: a wild ride with twists and turns and hold your breath moments.

However, the scenario as originally hatched, goes awry, as cultured wife lets down her hair and starts to live on the wild side.

To find out with whom, you must read this fun well written book.

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Sunny Seagull
Member of the SMSA Mystery & Crime Reading Group