The Second Cure by Margaret Morgan

2018 Limelight Reviews
Mystery and Crime, Science Fiction & Fantasy


Margaret Morgan’s vision in The Second Cure of Australia in the grip of a pandemic is too close for comfort. As I read of religious zealots taking over Queensland, outlawing same-sex marriage, abortion, and just about every advance made in the last 100 years, I kept think this could too easily happen.

But the characters in Morgan’s novel don’t let evil triumph — they do something. And you want to cheer for them.

This novel won on all fronts. Its plot is original (not just another grim, unrealistic dystopian book). The characters have real depth and, although flawed, you can’t help but empathise with them. The science (and be warned, there is a quite a bit of it) is well explained and I think I understood most of it, which is quite an accomplishment!

This is Margaret Morgan’s first novel and it’s a cracker! Highly recommended.

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Review by Gaby Meares,
Co-Group Coordinator of the Murder on a Monday Reading Group