The Queen’s Corgi by David Michie

2016 Limelight Reviews
Animal Stories, General Fiction

The Queen’s Corgi by David Michie is a gorgeous little book, full of gentle humour and “written” in the first person by Nelson, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s newest and youngest corgi. The reader is warned: this is a work of fiction, not a ghost autobiography!  Don’t let that put you off from simply enjoying this well-written little tome.  Written in 2016, Nelson is considered the runt of his litter, with one floppy ear.  His puppy farm breeders are about to put him down when Lady Tara, the Queen’s lady in waiting, mysteriously arrives to purchase him for a goodly sum. He joins the Royal Household and the other two Royal Canines, worldly-wise Winston and noble Margaret.

Part fact, part fiction (“faction”) (for starters, the Queen’s real-life corgi companions don’t have a Winston, Margaret or a Nelson), it is a lovely story, told from Nelson’s point of view and starting on his very first day in the Palace. With Winston as his primary mentor, Nelson describes the joys of accompanying his adored Her Majesty at garden parties, official and private functions, flirting shamelessly with guests who might slip him a lobster vol-au-vent. He also tells, ashamedly, of early toilet training days, how to hide a Friday bone in plain sight, the security breach he causes by chasing ducks and the fortuitous photo op of the Queen due to his chewing and ruining her new hat!

Author David Michie is a well-known meditation coach; as such Winston imparts pearls of wisdom to young Nelson as they observe Her Majesty dealing with living in the public eye.

If you enjoy reading about the Royal Family set behind the scenes (respectfully, of course), you will enjoy this author’s latest work, told from an ankle-high point of view.

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Belinda Coombs
Member of the SMSA Mystery & Crime Readers Group