The Nightmare Thief By Meg Gardiner

2014 Limelight Reviews
Mystery and Crime

The Nightmare Thief By Meg Gardiner is part of the of the Jo Beckett Series and was written in 2011.

Set in the Sierra Mountains, near, San Francisco, California, this book grabs you from the first page: secure your first aide equipment and compass and get ready for a roller-coaster ride.

Is this a psychotic robbery gone wrong? Or a quirky corporate road runner team building exercise? There are a confetti of characters, animatedly throttling, willy- nilly, until settling into a page turner, where characters, now clearly definable, bravely contest evil doers.

A tripod exists: help and two malevolent forces attempt to outwit each other to find the lost adventurers.

Would I read Meg Gardiner again? In a heart-beat: this woman can write.

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The Nightmare Thief By Meg Gardiner


Sunny Seagull
SMSA Mystery & Crime Reading Group member