The Ladies’ Paradise by Émile Zola

2013 Limelight Reviews
Classics, General Fiction

Fans of the ABC series “The Paradise” shouldn’t expect Émile Zola’s The Ladies’ Paradise to be the same.   It’s not in many ways. The setting is Paris, Mouret is bolder and a ladies’ man, the store is bigger.  But Denise is still Denise! Denise’s relationship with Mouret and with her fellow employees describes the class differences of the time, but also describes the social changes taking place within and outside the store.  The local people are dominated by “The Ladies’ Paradise” and the effect is it having on them, including, of course, Denise’s uncle and his family, is life changing.   The descriptions of the store are amazing – the way it is run, the goods it sells, the number of staff and the way they are treated. It’s a great story of a time of change and adaption to new ways and attitudes. Wendy Kaye Tom Keneally Centre Volunteer

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