Taken by Robert Crais

2012 Limelight reviews
Mystery and Crime

A wealthy business woman’s daughter disappears with her secret boyfriend however the police believe the couple have faked their own kidnapping and do not take it seriously.

Frustrated and worried, the mother hires Elvis Cole and Joe Pike to find them. Cole finds a link to professional border kidnapping.

These people prey on innocent victims buying, selling and trading with each other where greed and money rule.

They have no regard for human life and people are treated like animals herded into compounds and guarded by ruthless men.

When Cole goes undercover he himself is taken.

Joe Pike tries to retrace Cole’s step. In a race against time in the murderous world of human traffickers Pike must do all he can to find these people before its too late.

Taken is a very good thriller and fans of Robert Crais will enjoy his latest book.

Cecile  Cornford