Strange Things Done by Elle Wild

2018 Limelight Reviews
Mystery and Crime

Elle Wild’s award winning novel Strange Things Done is set in the former gold-rush, Yukon town of Dawson. In this small, far-northern Canadian town, everyone is two things; A police chief and a rock star, an artist and craps dealer, a news journalist and a science teacher, a burlesque performer and a land-lady.

When Josephine (“just Jo”) Silver arrives in town just before the big freeze, she is only interested in one thing — a fresh start. Escaping some horrible experiences in her native Vancouver, Jo hopes taking over the editorial reins at Dawson’s weekly paper will give her just that, and the chance to repair both her reputation and career.

However, when the body of a well loved local politician ends up in the partially frozen river, Jo finds herself not only the unwilling recipient of local gossip, but also a prime suspect.

Like the town, isolated in the winter and snowed in from all sides, the residents are closed off and guarded – especially suspicious of this big-city blow in. Can Jo chip away at the towns secrets and discover the killer, before she ends up the next victim?

Strange Things Done is a thoroughly enjoyable read, that nibbled at the sides of my mind and regularly had me thinking “..and then what happens?”. Lately I am finding that I read far more often ‘on the run’, so the SMSA’s fantastic collection of eBooks is the perfect solution for that. Recommended for lovers of a good crime novel.

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Review by Kylie Campbell
SMSA Venue Hire Coordinator