Prolonged Exposure by Steven F. Havill

2015 Limelight Reviews
Mystery and Crime

In Prolonged Exposure, Steven F. Havill paints beautiful word pictures of land and place set in New Mexico,

His relaxed, open cantering style, evokes a weekend sense of relaxation, yet is anchored by a thread of professional crime solving where moments of urgency push the reader to quickly turn pages, to find out what will happen.

Bill Gastner, a romantic fallen hero, recovering from illness and home burglary, calls on his dwindling energy to coordinate his latest case of child abduction.

Women are depicted in powerful professional roles.

This is a congenial and comforting crime read: admirable characters: good pace: satisfying conclusion.

Prolonged Exposure by Steven F. Havill


Sunny Seagull
Member, SMSA Mystery & Crime Reading Group