Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon

2014 Limelight Reviews
Historical Novels, Romance

Diana Gabaldon has had a huge following for years with her Outlander series, the first novel of which, Cross Stitch, was released in 1991.  This year, of course, the books have been made into a hit television series, Outlander — or as it’s known in my house “Sexy Men in Kilts”.

Claire Randall and her husband Frank have just returned from both serving in World War II and are getting reacquainted with each other in Scotland. Frank is a historian by trade, but has a special place in his heart for Inverness because one of his English ancestors, Captain Jack Randall, was stationed there. Former nurse Claire humors him, and explores the countryside, collecting samples for her hobby; medicinal herbs.

After watching a pagan ritual at some nearby standing stones one evening, Claire returns to explore the stones and finds herself transported through time. Almost immediately, she encounters her husband’s ancestor, Jack Randall, known as ‘Black Jack’ in this era — and is rescued by one of the previously mentioned sexy men in kilts. Her nursing knowledge comes in handy when she has to tend the wounds of one of her rescuers, Jamie McTavish.

Drama, rebellion, witchcraft trials, true love and sexy men in kilts ensue.

These books are, as I said, a favourite of many, and the Library has most (if not all) of the titles, including some of the spin-off Lord John novels.

Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.


Melanie Ryan
Program & Communications Manager