One For the Money By Janet Evanovich

2014 Limelight Reviews
Mystery and Crime

<i>One For the Money</i> By Janet Evanovich is set in Trenton, New Jersey (the state adjacent to New York), in a urban working class migrant community consisting of Hungarians, Italians, Germans, and some sharp black and Latino “operators” thrown in for a bit of spice.

The protagonist is a ditsy clever young woman, magnetised by the sexual aura of a bad boy.

Out of work, she takes on a dicey position as a skip tracer — a bounty hunter for those gone “walkabout” on bail. This job is dangerous, pays well, and leads Stephanie into comedic adventures as she is drawn into pursing the bad boy, now hunted as a murderer, who has also become a cop.

This working class sassy romance — real danger and a green bounty hunter form the quick paced plot. Fun,  furious, forgettable — but worth the read.

Open a beer and enjoy the ride.

One For the Money By Janet Evanovich

Sunny Seagull
SMSA Mystery & Crime Reading Group