I’d Kill For That by Marcia Talley

2021 Limelight Reviews
Mystery and Crime

I was astonished that only 5 people have read this book so I was compelled to write a review.

This is a collaborative serial novel. Each of the 13 chapters are written by a different author. The story is set in a rich community where I think the best mysteries occur. It has really hit the jackpot with 5 murders. There is a great cast of characters which include a sinful Reverend, a greedy land developer, an animal rights lover who has a cute 8 year old daughter, a married investment banker with diminishing funds and a cooperative maid, a shady Senator and Mayor, a randy old golfer, a young skateboard rider into cryptography, a jewel thief, a sexy and adulterous wife, an investigative bartender, a retired Lt  Col. USMC, a werewolf, a blackmailer, drug users, a legendary journalist and a character with the name of a real person, plus others.  Capt. Diane Robard heads the investigation.  She has to delve into the many layers of secrets and going-ons in this gated community. Was the death of a dot.com start-up millionaire an accident or something more? Who is sending those faxes? Is there something in the water with so many children born with jade green eyes? What secrets were told to the murdered professor? What is the link between the murders, if there is one. What happened at the Interfaith Church Service? Why was the conservative club manager behaving in such an extraordinary manner at the service? Will the community survive the raging storm?

Read this action packed mystery and have a good chuckle.

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Reviewed by Leanne Tam

Mystery and Crime Reading Group