How The Dead Speak by Val McDermid

2020 Limelight reviews
Mystery and Crime

Insidious Intent, the book immediately preceding How The Dead Speak by Val McDermid which is the latest instalment in the Tony Hill/Carol Jordan series, was published in 2017. As it ended in such pain for its main characters, it’s been a dreadfully long wait for we fans of this series.

Ordinarily, with such a delay between instalments, this reader would have to re-read the previous book in order to pick up the threads (or the trail as crime fighters describe it). Not so with such an experienced writer as Ms McDermid at the helm. I carefully plunged into page one and was immediately swept back to the town of Bradfield and its surrounds, as if no time had passed between the last book and How the Dead Speak. The ten previous books have their share of seriously gruesome, truly twisted murderers and reasons to kill, but this novel’s plots and sub-plots takes one’s breath away.

Worth the two year wait!

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Reviewed by Belinda Coombs
Mystery and Crime Reading Group