Gideon’s Sword by Preston & Child

2016 Limelight Reviews
Mystery and Crime

Gideon’s Sword is the first novel in the Gideon Crew series by American thriller authors, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.  Both are authors in their own right, but together they collaborate to write New York Times best-sellers.

The unwilling hero, Dr. Gideon Crew, is a nuclear physicist and a master thief. He is persuaded to work for the mysterious Eli Glinn for one week, to help steal the plans for a new Chinese made nuclear weapon. Eli’s company has also discovered that Crew has developed a rare, inoperable brain tumor, giving him a year’s lifespan. Persuaded by the promise of a large, one-off payment for a successful heist sufficient  to pay off all of Crew’s debts before he dies., Crew decides to work for Glinn.

Preston & Child write absorbing thrillers (where the hero, or group of heroes, must stop a madman intent on destroying the world), creating many interesting main characters with deep backstories. Each novel is well-written, sufficient to be read and enjoyed out of sequence. However, dedicated readers will be pleased to make the re-acquaintance of Eli Glinn and his company Effective Engineering Solutions, from Preston & Child’s The Ice Limit (2000). The Gideon Crew series continues with Gideon’s Corpse, The Lost Island and Beyond the Ice Limit (2016, which picks up from the 2000 storyline).

Recommended for action-adventure, thriller readers. The SMSA have a copy of The Lost Island.

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Belinda Coombs
Member of the SMSA Crime & Mystery Reading Group