Company of Liars by Karen Maitland

2012 Limelight reviews
Historical Novels

Company of Liars by Karen Maitland tells the story of a band of disparate travellers who drift together, tied by secrets and, possibly, magic.

As the group flee the plague, their terror grows as they hear mysterious howls every night, leading them to the conclusion they are being followed by a wolf – or even a werewolf.

During their journey each of the travellers tells his or her story (reminiscent of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales), but have they each revealed the full truth? It seems that everyone – from Camelot who sells saintly relics to the gullible, to Cygnus, the one-armed storyteller, and even the strange silent child, Narigorm – guards their secrets closely,

Karen Maitland deeply involves the reader with the characters, the setting and the dark mystery at the centre of the story. Company of Liars defies categorisation; part historical novel, part mystery, part fantasy, but it is well worth the read.

Melanie Ryan
Program and Communications