Cold Smoked by K.K Beck

2014 Limelight Reviews
Mystery and Crime

The fact that <i>Cold Smoked</i> by K K Beck is published by Time Warner may be a clue in itself; it’s formulaic and stylized for simple, non-demanding page flipping. Until almost the conclusion, it offered nothing with which to engage my brain — but it finished like a professional bike rider on an injectable substance.

Set in Seattle, the main character journeys to a seafood convention in Norway to uncover details of a murder.

The last 50 pages of this book were a ripper; full of suspense, plot and intrigue. Unfortunately the previous 250 pages were dull and littered with fish facts.

If you are interested in the fishing industry (or fishing conventions), this book gives relevant flavour and atmosphere.


Cold Smoked by K K Beck

Sunny Seagull,
SMSA Mystery & Crime Reading Group