Blood and Circuses By Kerry Greenwood

2015 Limelight Reviews
Mystery and Crime

You are sure to enjoy this Australian flavour mystery, set in a lodging house in Brunswick, Melbourne. Filled with actors and performers, this is where the first gruesome murder occurs. However, much of the drama and dynamic action unfolds within the temporary premises of the ephemeral Circus.

More than a thread of mystery pulls this book together; it offers charming interesting descriptions of unusual circus folk with additional insight into the customs and sociology of carnies, gypsies, and circus performers.

Into this dilemma, are dropped — surprisingly — very frank scenes of illicit sexuality. If you blink you might have imagined them, but on the other hand, Phryne has a wild streak that cannot be denied.

I wager Kerry Greenwood might live quite an interesting life herself!

Did I forget to tell you that the mini preface to each chapter has an erudite or literary quote, thus setting the scene for the tale that follows?

An intelligent and entertaining read, with a prudish alert; adventure, romance, animal tales: well written. A birthday present read you could give yourself.

Blood and Circuses by Kerry Greenwood


Sunny Seagull

SMSA Mystery & Crime Reading Group member