Author Review: Roy Harley Lewis

2013 Limelight Reviews
Mystery and Crime

In an earlier review of books by author Roy Lewis I mentioned Roy Harley Lewis. I did this because their books are sometimes confused when looking them up on the Internet. I have since read the 4 books, of his, that are in the SMSA library. They are in the Large Print section. The protagonist is a former intelligence agent turned bookseller in England. Roy H. Lewis is an antiquarian bookseller himself and apart from his novels has written several books about books and book collecting. The books are what I would call light-hearted, not to be taken too seriously, but quite enjoyable. The books I enjoyed the most are A Cracking of Spines, the first in the series. This is where he opens his shop and is requested to look into the theft of books that are occurring. I also enjoyed Death in Verona where he goes to Italy to look into the antecedents of “Romeo and Juliet” and gets embroiled with the death of an Italian professor. Tom Thorburn Director, Board of the SMSA and Life Member