5-10-15 Cookbook by Readers’ Digest

2013 Limelight Reviews
Cookbooks & Food

For someone like me, it’s often difficult to find a cookbook that lives up to its claims to be “low-fuss”, “quick “ and “easy”, one that is just that in reality as my cooking skill is almost non-existent. This 5-10-15 Cookbook is really what it claimed to be: dishes made using just 5 ingredients, allowing 10 minutes for preparation and a maximum of 15 minutes cooking time. This book is great for those who are learning to cook. There is a big colourful picture for each dish, simple and easy to understand step by step instructions, shopping and cook’s tips. There is a wide range of recipes to follow from simple fluffy mashed potatoes to green vegetable toss to something a bit fancier such as Moroccan-Style fish with herb couscous and Massaman-Style beef curry. Overall the 5-10-15 Cookbook is a great tool for those who have limited time and skill. It may be the first step to help you create your signature dish. Wendy Man Venue Hire & Reception