Author Review: Nathan Lowell

2014 Limelight Reviews
Author Review, Science Fiction & Fantasy

I am writing about this author  even though the SMSA Library is only just starting to acquire his books. This is because this author’s “Traders Tales” series breaks away from the usual Military theme that is prevalent in most Science Fiction.

I first came across this author through a free podcast of one of his books, Quarter Share,  the first of his “Traders Tales” (available from

I have listened to all of them, and have since been able to purchase the kindle versions from Amazon. Some of them are now available in paperback as well. This reverses what was the usual trend of publishing, coming out in Hardback first, then Paperback and then, these days, becoming available in digital format.

The hero of this series is a young man preparing to enter university when his mother is killed in an accident. She was a professor at a university on a Company World and he is left without the means to continue an education or to earn a living. He manages to obtain a position on a trading ship, travelling between planets, as a steward.

The series deals with his advancement from this position to becoming the owner of a spaceship carrying passengers and cargo. Along the way he encounters friendship, love, and treachery.

He is also the author of another series “Tanyth Fairport Adventures” but I have not read any of these.

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