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2015 Limelight Reviews
Author Review

Emma Lathen is another author who’s books are no longer readily available. Emma Lathen is, in fact, the pen name of two American businesswomen: Mary Jane Latsis and Martha Henissart.

The protagonist in the Emma Lathen series is John Putnam Thatcher who is a banker. Although a banker sounds “stuffy” I, personally, found this series very entertaining. Of course, today, some of the technical aspects would occur differently, but they are written as things would have occurred at that time. The books show different aspects of the workings of a major US Bank, while entertaining us with John Thatcher solving the crimes that happen in the stories.

These two authors have also written as R.B. Dominic, about Ben Stafford who is a US Congressman. He is also involved in solving crimes that occur during his work.

If you are interested, the following link takes you to an excellent article about these authors.


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