Author Review: Ellis Peters

2015 Limelight Reviews
Author Review, Mystery and Crime

Ellis Peters’ real name is Edith Pargeter and she has published under both names.

Her most popular series as Ellis Peters are The Cadfael Chronicles, about a mediaeval monk and The Inspector George Felse Mysteries, about a police inspector. There are also some standalone books that don’t belong to these two series.

For details of her life, I recommend the Wikipedia article.

When I read One Corpse Too Many, the second book in The Cadfael Chronicles, first. I enjoyed it so much that, I not only read the entire series, but purchased them for myself. You can learn history while enjoying a good mystery!

The Felse family (police detective George Felse, his wife Bunty, and their son Dominic) appear as a group or individually in a series of modern mysteries.

Ellis Peters died in the autumn/winter of 1995, so there won’t be any more stories. Many mystery readers everywhere mourned her passing.

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