1066 by Peter Marren

2012 Limelight reviews

Although I am normally a mystery and crime reader, I thought I might tap the resources of the SMSA library to improve my knowledge of English history. I remember sitting in class hearing something about 1066, but not really paying enough attention to let it sink in. If only my teacher had given me access to this book, 1066 by Peter Marren, which puts the reader firmly in the boots of the Saxon soldier as arrows rained down upon them.

The book goes in to great detail on the uniforms and armour of the soldiers, their military organisation and tactics, and the geography of each battlefield before detailing the battles, and what it must have been like to be on the battlefield.

The soldiers had spears, axes, swords and bows and arrows. They wore helmets on their heads and carried wooden shields. Only the soldiers who could afford it wore protective leather jackets with steel chain or ring mail sewn into the leather

I am now much more knowledgeable on William the Conqueror and King Harold. This is only a short book of 170 pages that effectively transports the reader back in time, over a thousand years ago to the battlefields of 1066.

Grahame Marks
Secretary of the
Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts