Events at Mitchell Theatre

The good old bad old days

Warren Fahey — The Good Old Bad Old Days (History Week)

Join cultural Historian Warren Fahey as he talks, sings and leads us on an eclectic romp through the colourful history of Sydney’s inner east from Kings Cross to Rushcutters Bay.
Samuel_Pepys The Enlightement

Susannah Fullerton — Samuel Pepys: His Library & The Enlightenment (History Week)

Susannah Fullerton discusses Samuel Pepys & the Enlightenment, his extraordinary library & the incredible story of his Diary & how it finally came to be published.
good life gardening

Gardening for Life

We are joined by experts on making the most of your garden, including Doug Purdie who will give us the buzz on creating a bee friendly garden
Felicity Fenner Running the City Why Public Art Matters

Felicity Fenner - Why Public Art Matters

Dr Felicity Fenner profiles activity-based contemporary public art projects in Australia & around the globe that change the way we think about and inhabit our cities.

Prof. Muireann Irish — The Time-Travelling Brain (Science Week)

Professor Muireann Irish reveals how research into memory loss is uncovering the secrets of our time-travelling brain.
Sydney Cemeteries Field Guide by Lisa Murray

Sydney Cemeteries: A Field Guide by Dr Lisa Murray (COSHA)

City of Sydney historian Dr Lisa Murray will talk about her new book, Sydney Cemeteries: A Field Guide, and share some of the strange and interesting stories of Sydney’s psat.
O Lucky Man Classic Film Night

Lindsay Anderson's O Lucky Man! (1973)

O Lucky Man! is a sprawling, surrealist musical starring Malcolm McDowell, Ralph Richardson, Rachel Roberts and Helen Mirren,
Warren Fahey and Max Cullen_header

Dead Men Talking (Stage Play)

90 minute stage musical Dead Men Talking, starring Max Cullen as Henry Lawson and Warren Fahey as Banjo Patterson, comes to the SMSA in August.
amal awad beyond veiled cliches

Amal Awad — Beyond Veiled Clichés

Amal Awad explores the lives of women Arab women, in Australia and the Middle East, talking to them about their experiences and dispelling many of the myths.
Warren Fahey and Max Cullen_header

Dead Men Talking (Stage Play)

Dead Men Talking, stage play starring Warren Fahey as Banjo Patterson & Max Cullen as Henry Lawson, comes to the SMSA in August.
Sumner Locke Elliott Careful He Might Hear You

Walter Mason — Sumner Locke Elliott & Careful, He Might Hear You

Join author Walter Mason for an enlightening talk on Sumner Locke Elliott and the influence his amazing life had on his writing.
castro with cuban flag

Robert Austin — Castro, Communism and Cuba

Robert Austin discusses Castro’s controversial impact on Cuba and world politics to mark the anniversary of the 1953 uprising at the Moncada Barracks.
alana_fairchild 700x400

Happiness and Wellbeing with Alana Fairchild

Join Walter Mason as he talks to Alana Fairchild about how we can cultivate more happiness & wellbeing wherever we are in our lives. Prepare to be uplifted!
Robert Clancy_Vaccines and Emphysema

Em. Prof. Robert Clancy AM — Vaccines and Emphysema: A New Treatment Paradigm

Join Emeritus Professor Robert Clancy AM to learn about the 35 years of science behind the creation of a vaccine to effectively fight emphysema.
Classic Film Lawman 1971

Michael Winner's Lawman (1971)

Burt Lancaster stars in the 1971 film Lawman, a classic Western following a lawman who arrives in Sabbath to arrest all the cattlemen whose wild celebration the year before resulted in the accidental death of an old man.
Charlatan by Catherine Jinks

Catherine Jinks - Charlatan

Charlatan by Catherine Jinks is the true story of notorious 19th century mesmerist Thomas Guthrie Carr, and a highly questionable encounter with a married woman.
scorched earth sue rosen

Sue Rosen — Scorched Earth

Join Sue Rosen for the fascinating story of how she discovered the secret government plans from 1942 outlining ‘Scorched Earth’ preparations for the event of a Japanese invasion of Australia.

Susannah Fullerton — Jane Austen: A 200 Year Legacy

Join Susannah Fullerton for a fascinating exploration of Jane Austen's amazing 200 year legacy to the world of literature, tourism, merchandise and fandom.