Events at Mitchell Theatre

Hydro Majestic Hotel

Palace of Tears (COSHA)

Julian Leatherdale shares some fascinating tales about the history of the historic Hydro Majestic Hotel, the setting for his debut novel Palace of Tears. 
from the outback to outer space

From the Outback to Outer Space — Australia in Space

50 years ago Australia's first satellite, WRESAT, was launched from the Woomera Rocket Range. Kerrie Dougherty talks about Australia in Space

White Ribbon — Ending Violence Against Women

**CANCELLED**Due to events beyond our control, this event has been cancelled.Visit the White Ribbon page to find other White Ribbon Day events.

Power of Attorney — Choose who manages your finances when you can't

Learn about power of attorney, and why you should give sufficient thought to the process of appointing an attorney to make financial decisions for you - when you either cannot, or chose not, to make these decisions yourself.
Stacey Demarco

Stacey Demarco — Circles, Cycles & Lunar-tics

Join Modern Witch, Stacey Demarco in conversation with Walter Mason for a fun, and free talk on everything lunar and magic!

Coleridge's Masterpieces — Rime, Christabel & Kubla Khan

Join the Poetry at SMSA group as they celebrate the works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge with readings from three of his much beloved poems, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Christabel and Kubla Khan.
Design for a Free Public Library 1883 SLNSW PXD 45-4 James Barnet Colonial Architect

Sydney: The city that could have been... (COSHA)

Join the City of Sydney Historical Association for a talk on past plans for Sydney City, and "What the city could have been..."
when is this lad going home

When is this Lad Going Home? (CHAA)

When is this Lad going home?

Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

When Doris Walker hires a last minute replacement Santa for Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, she does not expect him to claim to be the real Santa Claus.

Em. Prof. Robert Clancy AM FRSN: The Freedom to Use Your Own Intelligence

Professor Robert Clancy AM FRS(N) explores how the Enlightenment movement affected the development of Australia’s self-identity and nationhood.
Lesley Hughes - Climate Change & Australia Header

Professor Lesley Hughes — Climate Change & Australia (NEW DATE)

Professor Lesley Hughes will address the latest global and national trends in Climate Change, and what must happen next.
Vanessa Berry Mirror Sydney

Vanessa Berry — Mirror Sydney

Vanessa Berry shares some of the hidden and secret histories of Sydney, based on her recently-released book and popular blog, Mirror Sydney.
take control of your health

Taking Control of Your Health

Anthony Brown from Health Consumers NSW reveals how to make the most of your visits to healthcare providers and be an active member of your healthcare team.
AWM P03723.001 cropped

Alan Smith — The Battle of Beersheba 100th Anniversary

Alan Smith commemorates the 100th anniversary of the battle of Beersheba, and the famous charge of the 4th Light Horse Brigade.

Olga Sedneva — Black Square: Revolutionary Russian Culture

Join Olga Sedneva for a fascinating talk is about the October Revolution's reflection in Russian arts and culture

Vladimir Dubossarsky — The October Revolution 100th Anniversary

Join Vladimir Dubossarsky for a fascinating investigation into the Russian Revolution of 1917, one of the most explosive political events of the twentieth century.

Breaking Down Depression and Building Resilience

Join us for Mental Health Month to learn about what mood disorders are, how to spot the early warning signs, where to seek help and ways to build personal resilience.
uberto pasolini still life

Uberto Pasolini's Still Life (2013)

In Still Life, Eddie Marsden stars as John, a lonely council worker whose job it is to find the next of kin for those who have died alone.