Events at Mitchell Theatre

Great Australians Artwork

Great Australians You've Never Heard Of

The Royal Society of NSW and the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts (SMSA) are proud to present a new collaborative lecture series, Great Australians You’ve Never Heard Of.
Siege of Candia for SAHC

Dr Matthew Glozier - The Long Siege of Candia (1648-69) (SAHC)

Join the SAHC for a lecture on the "Long Siege" of Candia, presented by Dr Matthew Glozier for Scottish Heritage Week.
Design for a Free Public Library 1883 SLNSW PXD 45-4 James Barnet Colonial Architect

Paul Brunton - The Enlightenment: The Library (SAHC)

Emeritus Curator of the State Library of NSW, Paul Brunton, explores the key role libraries played in the moral and intellectual improvement of the individual, as part of Scottish History Week,
Gertrude Stein

Walter Mason — Glamorous Paris: Gertrude Stein

Join Walter Mason to learn about author Gertrude Stein, one of the most fascinating women to ever make Paris her home.

Dominion - Films for Change

Join Films for Change for a free screening of documentary Dominion
Great Australians by Tom Keneally

Tom Keneally — 'Great Australians You've Never Heard Of' Lecture #1:

Join Tom Keneally to learn the identity of our first Great Australian You've Never Heard Of, a Tasmanian convict who started as an Irish rebel and ended up with a Governorship. Co-hosted by the SMSA and the Royal Society of NSW.
Wind in the Willows

Walter Mason — Wind in the Willows, 110th Anniversary

SMSA celebrate the 110th Anniversary of Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, with a special talk by Walter Mason.
2018 Classic Film Night_Adams Rib

George Cukor's Adam's Rib (1949)

Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn battle it out as married lawyers on opposing sides of a controversial court case.

Haroon Moghul — How to be a Muslim: An American Story

Author Haroon Moghul joins us to share what it feels like to be a Muslim in modern western society, and what we should do about it.
Taronga Image 3 Bellinger_River_Turtle_hatchlings_Paul_Fahy

Taronga — An Evolution

Discover Taronga's journey from a place of entertainment and wonder to a conservation hub investigating and implementing strategies to protect wildlife and wildlife habitat.
The Maltese Falcon screening

John Huston's The Maltese Falcon (1941)

Join us for a special screening of John Huston's 1941 film-noir classic, The Maltese Falcon, starring Humphrey Bogart. Part of SMSA's ‘Airtight Alibi’ Mystery & Crime Festival 2018.
Choice - How To Be A Savvy Consumner

GOOD LIFE: Being a Savvy Consumer — a CHOICE perspective

CHOICE's Policy and Campaign experts reveal how you can be a savvy consumer on issues ranging from life insurance to free range eggs.

Geo-Engineering — Could messing with our climate undo our current mess?

Prof. Micheal Box poses questions in regards to appropriate action in combating climate change, and what might be the consequences be?
Maya Dodd

Moya Dodd: My Culture, My Story (CAHS)

Spend a scintillating, absorbing afternoon with former Matilda's vice-captain Maya Dodd.
Where Australia Collides with Asia_Header MAP 700x400

Ian Burnet — Where Australia Collides with Asia: Banks, Wallace & Darwin

Ian Burnet follows the seminal historical journeys of Sir Joseph Banks, Charles Darwin & Alfred Russel Wallace to discover Where Australia Collides with Asia
The good old bad old days

Warren Fahey for COSHA - The Good Old, Bad Old Days

Cultural Historian Warren Fahey shares stories of Sydney's '2011' inner east: from the high life to the low life and, sometimes, the very low life
2018 Classic Film Night_Header_Singing in the Rain

Classic Film Night —Singing In the Rain (1952)

Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds star in this happy-go-lucky musical about silent film stars facing the reality of acting in these new fangled "talkies".
Glamorous Paris: Colette

Walter Mason — Glamorous Paris: Colette

Glamorous Paris is a brand‐new series of talks by Walter Mason, which explores the fascinating and often glamorous worlds of the most fabulous Parisian authors, including Colette.