Tuvalu, an island in the Pacific Ocean, may seem like paradise, but it will sink beneath the waves within a few decades as a result of climate change. Before the Flood: Tuvalu describes the impact of the modern Western lifestyle in a thoughtful and melancholic way, while pointing out the challenge of forgoing short-term consumption for the benefit of increased long-term quality of life, even when the terrible consequences are literally on their front doorstep.

As result of climate change, water-related problems are becoming increasingly severe in many corners of the world. About Water (Über Wasser) makes it clear that this is an issue of global justice; the regions where the consequences of climate change are most dramatic are those which contributed least to the problem.

Without access to clean water or sanitation facilities, children are more susceptible to diarrhoea and disease. Andrew Parker, primary advisor on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) for UNICEF, speaks about his experiences working overseas to improve water and sanitation in developing countries and what more needs to be done.