WEA Sydney: History and Vision

September Conversations: EDUCATION WEA Sydney: History and Vision Established in NSW in 1913, and originally working in partnership with the University of Sydney, the WEA was a movement founded to promote the higher education of working men and women.The WEA has since grown to become one of the largest and most prestigious adult and community education organisations in Australia and every year attracts thousands of students from all walks of life. Join us for a discussion and exploration of the history and vision of this unique centre for adult learning. Speaker: Michael Newton, Director of Studies, WEA Sydney September 2008 Events brochure Conversations – free each Wednesday at the SMSA 12.30-1.30pm Conversations are your chance to chat with speakers about topics on awide range of subjects, from ethical voting to passionate shopping,affordable housing to corporate volunteering. In 2008 Conversations series will be based on a monthly topic, givingyou the opportunity to explore different aspects of each themethroughout the course of the month. Attend one in a series or all four.Click here to see our monthly themes for 2008. Everyone is welcome, for CBD workers the lunchtime timeslot provides aunique opportunity to feed the mind as well as the body.  “

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