Warren Fahey — The Good Old Bad Old Days HISTORY WEEK

Join cultural Historian Warren Fahey as he talks, sings and leads us on an eclectic romp through the colourful history of Sydney’s inner east from Kings Cross to Rushcutters Bay.

Discover the colourful history and surprising stories of all five precincts, Woolloomooloo, Potts Point, Kings Cross, Elizabeth and Rushcutters Bay,  in this fascinating exploration of the social history of Sydney’s most famous neighbourhoods — and their high life, low life and, sometimes, very low life.

Ride the scenic roller-coaster over the snow-covered mountains of the forgotten White City at Rushcutters Bay; see the naughty boys waving their willies at the ferries approaching Woolloomooloo Bay; chase ‘peeping Toms’ in Elizabeth Bay; tap to the tunes of cabaret’s greats at the Silver Spade, Potts Point, or dare to be different in yesterday’s Kings Cross.

Relive the antics and the era, one ripping yarn (and song) at a time.

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