Warren Fahey — Australia’s Folk Song Heritage

Cultural historian Warren Fahey reveals the relevance of oral history, especially songs, in the 21st century, and why it is so important to preserve Australia’s folk song heritage for future generations. Drawing on his pioneering folk song collecting work, Warren will play some of his field recordings and sing some songs.

Overall, Australia has been good at preserving its material heritage, but fairly lousy when it comes to non-material heritage like folklore. As a young country with a small population living on a large land mass, we need to continually remind ourselves of our history.

Warren likes to say that it doesn’t matter if your family arrived in the First Fleet or on a boat last week — people came and continue to come to this country for its uniqueness, including its oft-mentioned ethos of a ‘fair go’. Folklore expresses community creativity, and allows us an insight into the past so we are better equipped to see the future.

Warren will talk about using the digital age to preserve and popularise his ’signposts’.



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