The Death of Charles Dickens & The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Join Walter Mason in the Tom Keneally Centre for an illustrated talk on the death of Charles Dickens and his final novel.

When Charles Dickens died on 9th June 1870, his final novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, was unfinished. His famous death sketch, done by one of the world’s most famous artist at the time, was hated by Dickens’ daughters.

What did the world make of a half-finished book by the most famous author in the world?

In bad health, Dickens had had a premonition that he would never finish this novel, and he’d changed his publishing contract in an uncharacteristic manner. After he died an American Spiritualist began to channel his spirit and completed the novel.

Come and learn about the whole fascinating story, from Mesmerism to opium and cursed silver tableware!

This talk is held in partnership with the NSW Dickens Society.

Places are limited, so please book early to secure your seat!


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