VIRTUAL TALK: Living with Chronic Pain – the hidden world

Chronic pain can have an impact on every aspect of a person’s life – many people can cope for a long time, until they face a tipping point when their whole world changes – at that point, nothing seems real anymore except the pain.

Dr Dawn Macintyre, author of Living with Chronic Pain: From OK to Despair and Finding My Way Back Again, joins us to share her personal experiences with chronic pain, including how she navigated through the total change to every aspect of her life, to come out the other side in one piece.

Dawn will take us through topics that are not mentioned in rehab programs: changes to sense of self, managing despair and exhaustion, financial challenges, working with insurance companies, medication challenges, relationships with family, friends and health professionals. She will also explore the importance of validation and the constant frustration when the pain is nonspecific, all consuming, changing and unpredictable.

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