The Prime Minister is Missing: Harold Holt

Talkabout Screening

This film tells a unique Australian story: how we once managed to lose a Prime Minister on the beach.

Harold Holt’s disappearance while swimming in 1967 is an event unparalleled in the history of western democracy and has entered   Australian mythology. 

The nation went into shock and with Cold War paranoia at its height, the police investigation that concluded ‘accidental drowning’ seemed to many to be the easy explanation. Persistent doubts about his disappearance fuelled rumour and wild speculation.

Why did Holt go into such violent surf that day? Had he chosen a bizarre way out of a difficult situation? Why were police withholding crucial facts? Were the rumours about a Chinese submarine true?

Holt himself left tantalising clues that challenged the official explanation. This is the story of the Prime Minister’s secret world in the months before he disappeared, a world of betrayal, blackmail, political treachery, a poisonous feud, mounting physical and mental strain, and near‐death experiences.



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