The New Solar System with Kerrie Dougherty (Insight Mars Landing)

Attempts to explore our solar system with automated probes commenced shortly after the beginning of the Space Age.

Sixty years later, robotic explorers from many nations have visited every planet in the solar system, as well as comets, asteroids and dwarf planets, revealing a cosmic neighbourhood vastly different from what we believed it to be in in 1958.

Just a day before NASA’s latest Mars explorer, InSight, touches down on the Red Planet, space historian Kerrie Dougherty will present an overview of how robotic spacecraft have shown us a ‘new’ solar system – one in which water is abundant, with exciting potentials for the discovery of life beyond the Earth.

InSight is currently scheduled to land on Mars on Monday 26 Nov 2018 at approx. 12:00pm PDT, which is Tuesday, 27 Nov 2018 at 7:00am Sydney time.

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