Tibor Molnar — Scientists & Philosophers… Need to Talk!


Perhaps it is time for scientists and philosophers to get together and have a good, long chat.

Science used to be ‘Natural Philosophy’ until the Scientific Revolution of the 16th and 17th centuries saw a parting of ways. Science became increasingly empirical – performing experiments and recording findings – while Philosophy remained contemplative – pondering the principles of logic, knowledge, ethics and politics, and struggling to make sense of the human condition.

Today, both disciplines can claim significant achievements, for both new technologies and improved understanding, but they trouble each other – and the result is unfortunate.

Scientists have undermined much of Philosophy and many Philosophers consider Science – particularly theoretical physics – to have lost its grip on reality.

Join Tibor Molnar as he examines this divide, exploring the nature of “understanding” and how we might go about answering the question even Einstein famously asked, “What is ‘reality’?”


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