S D Gentill: The Blood of Wolves

Tom Keneally Centre Reading

Returning to the Tom Keneally Centre, Sulari Gentill talks about The Blood of Wolves, the third novel in the epic fantasy series she writes as S D Gentill, as well as the challenges faces by genre writers.

SMSA members will be most familiar with Sulari Gentill’s popular Rowland Sinclair crime novels, most recently Paving the New Road. Sulari won the 2012 Davitt Award for Crime Fiction with A Decline in Prophets, the second book in the series. If that weren’t enought, writing under the name of S D Gentill, Sulari has also written an epic fantasy series, the third book of which, The Blood of Wolves, has recently been released.

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About The Blood of Wolves

Bringing ancient tales to life for today’s audience through a fresh and witty, young adult voice. Four daring young heroes embark on a perilous quest plagued by insanity, heresy and a bloody war.

Hero, believing she has received a vision from the gods, urges her fellow Herdsmen of Ida to leave their war-torn homeland. Her older brothers laugh and dismiss her…until a mysterious Trojan ship appears on the shoreline by the ruins of the once glorious citadel. Taking up where Trying War leaves off, The Blood of Wolvessees the four exhausted heroes embark on a gripping quest to save those forced to flee Troy.

Bound by past promises and loyalty and led by the visions of a mad king,  Hero, and her brothers Mac, Cad and Lycon embark on a journey fraught with peril and personal anguish as they guide these outcast Trojans to a new land to found an empire.



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