Russell Workman — Preserving Your Memories

Moved to the Mitchell Theatre due to popular demand. Book your seat early! 

From the digital photos on our phones and PCs to the old family snaps in the photo album, Russell Workman will discuss how to preserve your photographic memories using various archival methods.

Our collection of family photos stored in albums or boxes, some of which we might have inherited from our parents or grandparents,  are more than just images. They provide a record of our memories, evoking a feeling of time and place when we see them again. So what is the best way to preserve them for generations to come?

Digital photography provides its own challenges for archiving. We snap images on our phones or cameras, text or email them to friends and post them to social media. When we think about it, we save the files on our PCs and storage devices or send them to the Cloud to be stored in cyber-space, and rarely make a hard-copy photographic print of any image.

But we can’t assume that today’s technology for storing and accessing our digital images will be available tomorrow.  Remember floppy discs? Totally obsolete. And CDs and DVDs are also on the way out. So what is the solution?

Whether you have heirloom photos that you want to preserve, digital photos on CD or simply want to rescue your family photos from the dreaded acidic sticky albums of the 1980s, Russell Workman will show you how best to archive, store, preserve and restore them for future generations.

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