Richard Waterhouse — Mozart and ‘The Doll’ HISTORY WEEK

Mozart and ‘The Doll’: the Elizabethan Theatre Trust and the Institutionalisation of Cultural Hierarchy

When the Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust was established in 1954, its brief was to stage European classical plays, operas and (eventually) ballets and, at the same time,  to encourage the writing of Australian plays featuring local themes and local accents.

While it succeeded in these aims, a vigorous debate emerged about whether the ‘slice of life’ plays like Summer of the Seventeenth Doll and The One Day of the Year really qualified as ‘high’ culture.

Join Richard Waterhouse for a fascinating exploration of ‘cultural hierarchy’, and the proletarian Australian plays that challenged the notion that ‘high ‘ culture was somehow separate and more pure than the culture of everyday life.

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