Penny Griffin — Popular Culture & The (False) Death of Feminism

According to the popular media, feminism is dead — but the ‘truth’ is far more complex.

Penny Griffin examines the popular culture we consume, and the way women are represented contribute to deeply entrenched gender stereotypes and negative attitudes to feminism. Is sexism all that consumer culture is selling?

When feminists appear on television, they are portrayed as shrieking harpies, devoid of humour. And young women and men alike are taught that discrimination no longer exists, and the key to women’s advancement lies only in individual efforts, self-definition and choice.

Julia Gillard’s famous ‘misogyny’ speech in 2012 may have shifted this landscape somewhat, however people arrive at feminism — or they don’t — for all sorts of reasons, and the ‘truth’ of feminism today, especially in Australia, is that it is complex, multifaceted and contested.

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