Obama & The Democrats – The Road to Re-Election

Can Obama win the 2012 US Election?

Obama’s term as President has been characterised by contrasts. His election was met with hope and high expectations, but his national approval rating hit an all-time low in late 2011. What are Obama’s chances of re-engaging the voters who turned out in droves to elect him in 2008? Will they stay home, disillusioned, or will they support Obama’s record in a very challenging financial and political environment?

Obama’s progressive reforms provide a contrast to the increasingly conservative Republican party, however with the US public deeply divided on many issues – including equal rights, the economy, health care and taxes – the swinging vote is vitally important to Obama. How will Obama convince those who are realistically open to voting for either party that his policies are best for America?

As both parties ready themselves for the 2012 US Election in November, Dr Helen Pringle looks at the Democrat’s successes and failures to assess what Obama’s prospects are for re-election.


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