Movie Matinee — Viva Las Vegas (1964)

Movie Matinee

It’s non-stop singing and dancing for Elvis Week, with Viva Las Vegas starring Elvis and Ann-Margaret — and no less than 16 songs, including the title track.

Elvis plays Lucky Jackson, a racing driver wanting to compete in the Las Vegas Grand Prix. After winning money to finance his entry at the casino, Lucky loses it all in the hotel swimming pool and has to take a job in the restaurant.

Falling for local swimming and dance teacher Rusty Martin (Ann-Margaret) only complicates things, especially when Lucky’s his arch-enemy Count Elmo Cancini (Cesare Danova) is pursuing her as well.

Naturally, Lucky enters the hotel’s talent contest hoping to win a cash prize, only to find out that Rusty is gal of many talents.

Can Lucky win the talent quest, Rusty’s heart and the big race?

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