Meredith Burgmann — Dirty Secrets: Our ASIO Files

Meredith Burgmann talks about the moving, funny and sometimes chilling stories of leading Australians — including Mark Aarons, Phillip Adams, Nadia Wheatley, Michael Kirby, Peter Cundall Gary Foley and Anne Summers — who were under survelliance by ASIO.

Writers from across the political spectrum have opened their ASIO files, read what the state’s security apparatus said about them and confronted their pasts.

Reflecting on the interpretations, observations and proclamations that anonymous officials make about your personal life is not easy. Yet we see outrage mixed with humour, not least as ASIO officers got basic information wrong a lot of the time and many of the writers had to contend with personal betrayal.

In Dirty Secrets: Our ASIO Files, those who were spied on now look right back at the watchers.


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