Lynette Ramsay Silver, OAM — Unmasking the REAL James Bond

The identity of the ‘real’ James Bond has intrigued fans all around the world since 1952, when novelist and former spy Ian Fleming wrote Casino Royale, the first of the Bond books.

Fleming was interviewed on several occasions. However, the one question he failed to answer before he died was – ‘Who was the real James Bond? Was he based on a real spy?’

Many of Bond’s well-known tastes and traits mirror those of Fleming himself. However various other names have been put forward over the years, all claiming, in some way or other to be Fleming’s ‘inspiration’. For various reasons most of these can be dismissed or disqualified.

Acclaimed historian and history detective Lynette Ramsay Silver, OAM tells the fascinating story of how she tracked down and met the spy whom she believes was the real-life inspiration for Fleming’s suave secret agent.

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