Leonard Janiszewski — Greek Cafés & Milk Bars of Australia

Remember the Niagara, the Parthenon, the Astoria and the Paragon? In each suburb and every country town, was the Greek café or milk bar — open all hours, 7 days a week.

They gave us more than milkshakes, lollies, ice cream and home style meals. With Modernist designs, American gadgetry and coloured lights, Greek-run cafés and milk bars brought atmosphere, a touch of glamour, at times a hint of Hollywood — a little break from the mundane reality of local life.

Effy Alexakis and Leonard Janiszewski have spent 30 years researching and photographing Greek cafes and milk bars. They have captured the faces and stories, the style and the ethos of the milk bars that were the social hub of towns all over the country.

Join Leonard Janiszewski for a fascinating and nostalgic exploration of the Greek milk bar phenomenon, covering 30 years of research and illustrated with the beautiful photography of Effy Alexakis that vividly brings to life the golden age of these catering icons.

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