HISTORY WEEK Kiera Lindsey — The Convict’s Daughter

Neighbours didn’t always get along – but sometimes, perhaps, they got along a little too well.

When 15-year-old Mary Ann Gill stole out her bedroom window in 1848 to elope with gentleman settler, James Kinchela, her furious father chased the couple to a local racecourse and then fired two pistols at his daughter’s suitor, only narrowly missing his target. What followed became Australia’s most scandalous abduction trial of the era, as well as an extraordinary story of adventure and misadventure, both in Australia and abroad.

In conversation with Babette Smith OAM, Kiera Lindsey will reveal how, armed with little more than a newspaper clipping, she pieced together the compelling story of the eventful life of her great, great, great aunt.

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