Helen O’Neill: A Singular Vision – Harry Seidler

Without Harry Seidler, our cities and homes would look very, very different.

Acclaimed writer Helen O’Neill reveals the fascinating personal story of Harry Seidler, a stylish, decisive and highly opinionated man. A key figure in international modern architecture, Seidler effectively shaped the look of modern, urban Australia.

Born in Austria to an affluent Jewish family, his world fell apart when as a young boy he had to flee the looming Nazi threat and was later sent to an internment camp in Canada where he virtually taught himself architecture. Once the war was over, he studied in Canada and at Harvard.

The house he built for his parents in1948, now known as the Rose Seidler House, represented a huge shift in Australian modern domestic architecture. Seidler followed this with ambitious, towering office blocks such as Australia Square and the MLC Centre, forever changing the skyline of Australia’s cities.

Helen also examines Seidler’s intense relationship with Sydney’s Opera House, Australia’s most famous building, and airs the question of whether Utzon’s iconic masterpiece would exist were it not for Harry Seidler.








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