Haroon Moghul — How to be a Muslim: An American Story

Growing up in the US as a Pakistani-American, Haroon Moghul was taught that practicing his Islamic faith would make life his better. What he didn’t anticipate was how challenging it could be to be Muslim in America.

Thrust into the spotlight in the wake of 9/11, Haroon became an undergraduate leader at New York University’s Islamic Center and represented the young Muslim community with appearances  on TV, before interfaith audiences and in print.

Privately, though, Haroon’s own relationship to Islam was complicated.To be true to himself, he needed to forge a unique American Muslim identity that reflected his own beliefs and personality.

In How to Be a Muslim: An American Story, Haroon shares his experiences as a Muslim in modern western society, what it’s like to lose yourself between cultures and how to pick up the pieces.


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