Hal Ashby’s Being There

Classic Film Night

In his final film, Peter Sellers plays Chance the Gardiner, a simple, uneducated man who has led a sheltered life.

After Chance is hit by her car, Eve Rand (Shirley MacLaine) mistakes him for Chauncey Gardiner, a wealthy and influential business man.

Chance’s naive and simplistic statements are taken to be profound, resonating with the public so much that the movers and shakers in Washington start thinking that perhaps he should run as a presidential candidate.

Being There, directed by Hal Ashby of Harold and Maude fame, is a bittersweet film that is part modern fable and part political satire.

The film will be introduced by Peter Rainey, and there is an opportunity for group discussion for those who would like to stay after the film finishes.



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