Good Life Seminar — Complementary Therapies

Discover how to achieve your optimum well-being via Complementary Therapies in our first Good Life Seminar.

Dr Sue Cochrane who has practised acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine since 1988 and Therese Lew, a naturopath, herbalist, yoga therapist and osteopath with over 30 years’ experience will speak about complementary and alternative therapies from both the Eastern and Western traditions and how they can help you achieve your optimum health.

Therese Lew believes that given the right conditions our bodies heal themselves, that is, most of our ailments are from environmental causes. Complementary Therapies look at the body, mind and lifestyle in a holistic way with the view that each one of us is highly individual. Addressing the differences between the Eastern and Western Models of Health and Healing (i.e. the physical body and the energy body), Therese will discuss how therapies such as naturopathy, Western herbal medicine, osteopathy, chiropractic, massage therapies, aromatherapy, Bach Flowers and Australian Bush Flowers, ayurveda and yoga therapy can be incorporated into your wellness plan.

Dr Sue Cochrane finds Chinese medicine a challenging intellectual practice deeply embedded in Chinese philosophy. It is also an
immensely practical therapeutic intervention that assists many conditions that ‘Western’ or biomedicine has difficulty understanding or resolving. The history and philosophy of this ancient medicine has been woven into an evidence-based contemporary healing practice that is being increasingly used by many Australians. Sue will reveal how acupuncture, Chinese herbs and other natural medicines can form part of your holistic health care.

Our speakers will also discuss the importance of using properly accredited practitioners, and where to find them.

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