Gabriella Kovac — Georgina: My Mother’s Story

Gabrielle Kovac reveals the incredible true story of her mother Georgina, who as a young Jewish woman, survived the Holocaust, Hungary’s infamous House of Terror and the 1956 revolution against the Russians, eventually leading her family to freedom in Australia.

Through the darkest hours, Georgina never faltered in her quest to find freedom for herself and her family. Her story is one of tenacious courage, miraculous escapes, brave deceptions and the powerful force of love.

Her young husband, figuring that the safest place to be as a Jew was close to the enemy, joined a corps to repair Nazi motorcycles. Georgina herself obtained false papers and masqueraded as an Aryan to survive.

But their family was not out of danger, and when her mother — who proudly wore her yellow star — was ordered to a Nazi depot from where she would be sent to a concentration camp, Georgina’s brother effected a daring rescue.

Flourishing despite the persecution and hardships, Georgina’s will to save her family and refusal to give in is truly inspiring.







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